Sexual Confessions
Wolfgang Streit
Sheds new light on James Joyce's use of sexual motifs as cultural raw materials for Ulysses and other works


Joyce/Foucault: Sexual Confessions examines instances of sexual confession in works of James Joyce, with a special emphasis on Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses. Using Michel Foucault's historical analysis of Western sexuality as its theoretical underpinning, the book foregrounds the role of the Jesuit order in the spread of a confessional force, and finds this influence inscribed into Joyce's major texts. Wolfgang Streit goes on to argue that the tension between the texts' erotic passages and Joyce's criticism of even his own sexual writing energizes Joyce's narratives-and enables Joyce to develop the radical skepticism of power revealed in his work.

Wolfgang Streit is Lecturer, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.

"Absolutely original and excellently researched, this combination of a Foucauldian analysis with genetic perspectives reveals an aspect of Joyce's oeuvre that has not yet received sufficient critical attention."
—Geert Lernout, University of Antwerp

Wolfgang Streit is Lecturer, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.

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