Theogony and Works and Days

Translated and with introductions by Catherine M. Schlegel and Henry Weinfield
A new verse-translation celebrating the poetry of Hesiod's great works, Theogony and Works and Days


Written in the late eighth century BC by Hesiod, one of the oldest known of Greek poets, Theogony and Works and Days represent the earliest account of the origin of the Greek gods, and an invaluable compendium of advice for leading a moral life, both offering unique insights into archaic Greek society. There are a number of modern translations of Hesiod available, rendered in serviceable English, but until now no one has created a work of literature equal to the original. This translation is the result of a unique collaboration between a classicist and a poet, capturing in English fourteeners the works' true poetic flavor while remaining faithful to the Greek text and the archaic world in which it was composed.

This translation contains a general introduction, a translator's introduction, notes, and a glossary. It will be of interest to general readers, students of and specialists in classical literature, and lovers of poetry.

Catherine Schlegel is Associate Professor of Classics, University of Notre Dame.

Henry Weinfield is Professor and Chair of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame, and translator of The Collected Poems of Stephane Mallarme.

Praise / Awards

  • "This Schlegel-Weinfield translation of Hesiod is superbly crafted: compelling, unforgettable poetry to be read aloud with delight and gratitude."
    ---Allen Mandelbaum, Endowed Kenan Professor of Humanities, Wake Forest University

  • "This exciting and unique collaboration between a classical philologist and a poet will not just provide insight into archaic Greek society, but also offer something new: the opportunity to experience the richness of Hesiod's style, language, and modes of thought with remarkable fidelity to the ancient Greek. Weinfield and Schlegel make Hesiod sing."
    ---Carole Newlands, Classics Department, University of Wisconsin
  • "Poet, essayist, translator of Mallarmé, Henry Weinfield is possessed by voice. I first heard him chant his Hesiod translation while walking the streets of Hoboken, Frank Sinatra's hometown. Years later, drawing on the scholarship of his colleague Catherine Schlegel, Weinfield has produced one of the most remarkable of a current resurgence of translations from the classics, allowing the modern world to hear a poet who may have known Homer. His song makes us understand why the Greeks thought a poet could draw dolphins through the seas or raise the walls of Thebes. Weinfield translates by ear and transfers what he hears to the page, resonant fourteeners, a worthy echo of the past."
    ---Charles Stanley Ross, Professor, Department of English, and Director, Comparative Literature, Purdue University

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