War in a Changing World

Zeev Maoz and Azar Gat, Editors
Essays tracing the changing nature of war in relation to global and regional changes


The world has gone through a number of major changes in the last decade of the twentieth century: political, social, technological, and cultural. How have these changes affected the nature of war and other violent conflicts? To what extent has war shaped some of these changes? The contributors to this volume address the interaction between war and key changes on the global and regional levels. The issues addressed include relationships between demographic changes and war, global democratization and war, strategic thinking and war, and leadership survival and war.

Zeev Maoz is Professor of Political Science, Tel Aviv University.

Azar Gat is Professor and Chair of Political Science, Tel Aviv University.

Praise / Awards

  • "This volume, which brings together astute and well-written contributions from some of the leading political scientists in the United States and Israel, furnishes an interesting blend of substantive and methodological approaches to the topic. . . . [T]he contributions assembled by Maoz and Gat represent some of the best thinking about war in the international academic community. All of these pieces can be read with profit by scholars and intelligent laymen alike, especially since mankind will evidently not be entering an era of global peace and harmony any time soon."
    —David Rodman, Journal of Strategic Studies, Volume 24, No. 4

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Global Change and the Transformation of War (Azar Gat and Zeev Maoz)-1
Continuity and Change in the Evolution of Warfare (Jack S. Levy, Thomas C. Walker, and Martin S. Edwards)-15
Blood and Computers: The Crisis of Classic Military Power in Advanced Postindustrialist Societies and the Scope of Technological Remedies (Edward N. Luttwak)-49
Isolationism, Appeasement, Containment, and Limited War: Western Strategic Policy from the Modern to the "Postmodern" Era (Azar Gat)-77
Hot Wars, Cold Peace: An International-Regional Synthesis (Benjamin Miller)-93
Democratic Networks: Connecting National, Dyadic, and Systemic Levels of Analysis in the Study of Democracy and War (Zeev Maoz)-143
Political Survival and International Conflict (Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, James D. Morrow, Randolph M. Siverson, and Alastair Smith)-183
Forecasting the Future of War: Foundations for an Algorithm (Gil Merom)-207

Author Index-227
Subject Index-233

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