International Project Analysis and Financing

Gerald Pollio
Offers theoretical and practical approaches to both the analysis of international projects and their financing


Project analysis and financing are vital steps in developing both private- and public-sector investment opportunities. The analysis is designed to assess the project's potential, the finance to develop the funding needed to achieve that potential. Despite their obvious interrelatedness, the two topics have been traditionally considered separately, and a full knowledge of one subject has been a prerequisite for learning the other. In this book, Gerald Pollio has undertaken to unite the two, providing theoretical and practical perspectives for the benefit of both practitioner and student.

By discussing project analysis and finance in tandem, Pollio eliminates the need for supplementary texts that explain the rudiments of each topic individually. First, he introduces the requisite principles such as capital budgeting, limited recourse debt, and risk management; he then applies them to in-depth discussion of strategies and case studies of natural resource projects, which remain major users of limited recourse debt. These include case studies of oil in the United States, fertilizer in Pakistan, liquid natural gas in the Middle East, as well as studies of mutually exclusive power investments, transportation, pipelines, and infrastructure project investments. In doing so, Pollio offers a text that is an ideal reference for economic analysts, finance specialists, people in lending institutions, and students of international business and finance.

Gerald Pollio is Lecturer of Project Analysis and Financing, City University Business School, London.

Praise / Awards

  • "Those new to the topic as well as those with some background will find that this book provides a good road map through the topic of project finance. The landmarks, sights and hazards along the way are highlighted to make the journey worthwhile."
    —R. J. Hannum, Fordham University, National Resources Forum, Forum 24 (2000)

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