The Federal Future of Europe

From the European Community to the European Union
Dusan Sidjanski
The history, current state, and likely future of the European Union


The European Union is building step-by-step a new federal system based on states, nations, and regions. In his authoritative and comprehensive book, Dusan Sidjanski describes the formation of the original European Community and the dynamics of the process of integration that has brought the Union to its current state. He then provides a sophisticated analytic framework for considering the future of the Union.

The author argues that federalism is the best antidote to the reemergence of nationalism in Europe. It is also the best guarantee for a peaceful community that balances the claims of national, regional, and local identity against the need for large-scale economies that springs from the forces of globalization, competition, and technical change. The Union preserves diversity within a flexible and innovating European system.

This major study of the development of the European project, informed by a thorough knowledge of the Community and Union over the years and by deep understanding of the relevant literatures in political science and political economy is important for all who study the European Union or work with it as officials and business people.

Dusan Sidjanski is founder and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Political Science, University of Geneva and Professor Emeritus, European Institute. He has authored numerous publications, most recently, The ECE in the Age of Change (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations).

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a delight to read. This is not surprising. The author is exceptionally well-placed to write a book of this nature. . . . [A] worthwhile contribution to the literature on European Federalism. It should be in scholarly libraries and read by anyone who has an interest in the European integration process."
    —Amy Verdun, University of Victoria, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Volume 35, No. 4
  • "The Federal Future of Europe is a sound and well-researched piece of scholarship and advocacy on Europe and the process of European integration. . . . Passionate and engaging arguments . . . make this book extremely interesting."
    —Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Volume 34, No. 3
  • ". . . an excellent contemporary history of European integration as an intellectual and practical process. It provides a comprehensive overview of this process and brings to bear the author's immense learning and scholarship. All serious scholars of European integration should purchase this volume. It was a joy to read."
    —Neil Winn, University of Leeds, European Foreign Affairs Review, 2002

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