Bound by Struggle

The Strategic Evolution of Enduring International Rivalries
Zeev Maoz and Ben D. Mor
Explains the origins and dynamics of enduring rivalries between countries


Over the past two centuries, a majority of the principal conflicts in world politics fall into the definition of enduring rivalries. The Franco-German, Arab-Israeli, Soviet-American, Greek-Turkish, and Indo-Pakistani conflicts are examples of such clashes. In Bound by Struggle, Zeev Maoz and Ben D. Mor offer a systematized approach to the study of enduring conflicts. They suggest that the decisions of governments to begin, continue, or end rivalries are guided by two principal factors: the degree to which a state is satisfied with the status quo and the perception of its leaders regarding the state's capability to defend or change this status quo.

Bound by Struggle provides several new contributions to the literature on international conflict and enduring rivalries. Maoz and Mor have developed a deductive theoretical framework, in contrast to existing literature that is heavily oriented toward empirical tests and findings. Notably, this is one of the few studies offering an application of evolutionary perspective to the study of interstate rivalries.

Zeev Maoz is Professor of Political Science and head of the Graduate School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University. He is the author of Domestic Sources of Global Change and the coeditor of War in a Changing World.

Ben D. Mor is Senior Lecturer of International Relations at the University of Haifa.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . Maoz and Mor develop the most sophisticated theory yet published about the emergence, escalation, and termination of interstate rivalry in general. The multiple forms of analysis and testing of the theory are equally sophisticated. . . . [T]his is a strong and comprehensive study of rivalry processes that students of protracted conflict cannot and should not ignore."
    International History Review
  • "A short book review . . . cannot do justice to the richness of Maoz and Mor's description and analysis of these rivalries. It is necessary to pour over their work carefully in order to grasp the full complexity and subtlety of their reasoning and findings, certainly not an easy task in light of the very challenging nature of the material. Nevertheless, anyone who makes the required effort will be rewarded with significantly greater insight into the phenomenon of enduring interstate rivalries."
    Journal of Strategic Studies

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