Tools and Tips for Using ELT Materials

A Guide for Teachers
Ruth Epstein and Mary Ormiston
Michigan Teacher Resource


A vibrant ESL classroom depends on good materials used in creative and resourceful ways. In Tools and Tips for Using ELT Materials , the authors provide a wealth of information on resources for English language teaching materials.

The book begins by addressing basic considerations in selecting and designing materials for classroom use. Textbooks themselves are covered in depth, which is very helpful for teachers choosing or assessing a textbook. An abundance of information is provided on how to use written texts from different genres (including teacher- and student-created texts), teacher-created resources, audio-visual aids, computers and the Internet, and how to provide community and service learning.

This resource aims to help instructors choose the most effective, appropriate, and flexible materials for their students and their programs. Teachers and teachers-in-training will find this to be a practical and comprehensive guide to integrating ELT materials and resources into a curriculum.

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