Michigan and the Great Lakes

Borne of the Wind

Michigan Sand Dunes
Dennis A. Albert
An introduction to the ecology of Michigan's sand dunes


Sand dunes are among the most rugged and beautiful natural features of the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior shorelines. These dunes comprise the most extensive freshwater dunes in the world, so vast that they are visible to astronauts from outer space. The coastal dunes are also incredibly rich, supporting a vast variety of plants and animals.

Borne of the Wind describes the environmental factors necessary for dune creation in an easy-to-understand format. Each of the distinct types of dunes encountered along the Great Lakes shoreline is explained and illustrated with color photographs and line drawings. Color photographs of the plants and animals found in duneland areas complement the story of the ever-changing landscapes.

Dennis Albert has taught at Michigan State University and is Research Ecologist at Oregon State University and Program Ecologist for Michigan Natural Features Inventory since 1988. He has focused many of his studies on the ecosystems along the Great Lakes, including coastal wetlands, bedrock shoreline, and sand dunes.

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