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More Secure, Less Free?

Antiterrorism Policy & Civil Liberties after September 11
Mark Sidel
An up-to-the-minute analysis of the government war on privacy


Anyone concerned about our civil liberties in a post-9/11 world should read More Secure, Less Free?, the first comprehensive analysis of U.S. antiterror initiatives implemented after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

More Secure, Less Free? goes beyond coverage of the Patriot Act, analyzing Total Information Awareness, the Terrorist Information and Prevention System (TIPS), the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System II (CAPPS II), and a number of other "second wave" antiterror initiatives.

Mark Sidel takes us behind the headlines to reveal how key provisions of controversial antiterror policies have been buried in state legislation, and how the military has taken over key police functions. Sidel discusses the continuing debates on antiterror law in the crucial states of New York, California, and Michigan, and explains how the military—through an informant program known as "Eagle Eyes"—is now taking a direct hand in domestic antiterror efforts. The effect has been a quiet but pervasive chilling of our most basic civil liberties.

Sidel also investigates aspects of American antiterror policy largely ignored in other books, including its effects on the American academic world and the nonprofit sector. And he provides the first international comparisons of antiterror policy yet published in an American volume, contrasting security initiatives in Great Britain, Australia, and India with the American experience.

Mark Sidel is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Iowa and a research scholar at the University's Obermann Center for Advanced Studies.

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