Windows on the Japanese Past

Studies in Archaeology and Prehistory
Richard J. Pearson, Gina Lee Barnes, and Karl L. Hutterer, Editors
An interesting work about the history and dynamics of human populations and their cultures in East Asia


A cross-section of essays from a wide range of specialists of early Japanese history and archaeology, Windows On The Japanese Past provides an invaluable resource.

“A monumental work . . . As an interested historian I can think of no comparable book, in any area of Japanese studies, that does so much to record the history of a discipline, to define its current practices, and to outline its ‘agenda.’”
—Mary Elizabeth Berry, University of California, Berkeley
“With publications of Windows of the Japanese Past it is finally possible to present a reasonable course on Japanese prehistory and early history without being a specialist on the subject and without the ability to read Japanese. This will, without doubt, be the book in English on the subject for years to come.”
—Wilhelm G. Solheim II, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Richard J. Pearson is Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of British Columbia. 
Gina Lee Barnes is Professor emeritus of Japanese Studies at Durham University.
Karl L. Hutterer was Professor of Anthropology and the Director for Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies at the University of Michigan.

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