A Student Guide to Japanese Sources in the Humanities

Volume 24
Yasuko Makino and Masaei Saito
An invaluable reference tool for all students and scholars of Japanese studies.


This work is directed at students who are about to start library research for papers, theses, and dissertations. It walks readers through the process of researching topics and familiarizes them with Japanese reference works of all kinds, from general bibliographies and dictionaries to publisher's catalogs and chronologies. Although targeted for beginning graduate students, A Student Guide will be of value to students at all levels of proficiency, from upper-level undergraduates to researchers at advanced stages. It will also be useful as a textbook for those who teach courses in Japanese bibliography. 
Yasuko MAKINO is a Japanese Bibliographer at Princeton University. 
Masaei SAITO is Deputy Head of the Library and Associate Professor of Library Science and German at Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai. 

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