Pāḍæng Chronicle and the Jengtung State Chronicle Translated

Volume 52
Sao Saimöng Mangrai
Provides a wealth of insight into the history of the Tai and the spread of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar and Thailand


This volume, the original edition of which was published in 1981, provides a wealth of information for reconstructing the history of the Tai in the area that now encompasses parts of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and China from the thirteenth to the early twentieth century. The Pāḍæng Chronicle is a document tracing the history of the Red Forest Monastery of Jengtung (Kentung). In particular, it recounts the Buddhist religion as intepreted by the monastery. This chronicle details the historical social structure and royal patrongae of the Tai in Jengtung.
The Jengtung State Chronicle tells the story of the state and its rulers from the earliest legends of its founding through the 1930s. Photos of the original text of the Pāḍæng Chronicle (in Khün script) accompany the translation. Included are charts of the Khün script and the Shan calendric system, a description of monastery life, an introduction, detailed notes, and references.
Sao Saimöng Mangrai was a member of the royal family of Kengtung, Burma. Educated both as a monk and in England, he was fluent in several languages of the Tai family as well as Burmese and English.

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