Shih-shuo Hsin-yu

A New Account of Tales of the World, Second Edition
Volume 95
Liu I-ch'ing
With commentary by Liu Chun; Translated with Introduction and notes by Richard B. Mather
A collection of anecdotes, conversations, and remarks concerning historic personalities of 150 to 420 A.D. China.


Shih-shuo hsin-yü (A New Account of Tales of the World), compiled by Liu I-ch'ing (403-444), is a collection of anecdotes, short conversations, and pithy observations on personalities who lived in China between about 150 and 420 A.D. Mather's classic translation incorporates the commentary of Liu Chun (461-521), adding invaluable information through citations from lost works of the third and fourth centuries.

The new edition introduces numerous revisions to this first complete English translation of the work.

Richard B. Mather is Professor Emeritus of Chinese Language and Literature, University of Minnesota. His published works include articles on Six Dynasties literature and books on Shen Yüeh and Lü Kuang.

Praise / Awards

  • "A vast set of numbered anecdotes, very largely consisting of smart replies (sometimes by children), exemplary acts of generosity or respectfulness, remarkable incidents involving drunkenness and/or nudity, preposterous behavior in general, deceitfulness, mercy, taunting, ostentation, supernaturally quick judgment—and so on...Once in a blue moon with a rabbit on it, somebody like Richard M. Mather comes along, who’s wiling to devote his or her whole life to getting this one thing right."
    --RHINO Poetry

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