Taoist Meditation and Longevity Techniques

Volume 61
Edited by Livia Kohn, in cooperation with Yoshinobu Sakade
French, German, and Japanese scholars explore historical and technical as well as religious aspects of Taoism, ranging from pre-Han practice to the contemporary revival


Taoist Meditation and Longevity Techniques covers the major areas of Taoist meditation and longevity techniques in roughly chronological order. The book addresses itself to the China area specialist or the scholar of religion and the history of science who wishes to know more about (and perhaps even must teach) aspects of Chinese culture that involve Taoism and traditional medicine. [viii, ix]
Other topics include Japanese interpretations of longevity techniques, drugs and immortality, visualization and ecstatic experience, and qigong and gymnastics.
Livia KOHN is Professor Emerita of Religion and East Asian Studies at Boston University.

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