The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide

Alexander H. Smith and Nancy Smith Weber
The foremost handbook for mushroom hunters, beginners and experts alike


The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide is the guide that tells when, where, and how to find delicious edible mushrooms and how to avoid poisonous ones. Beginners as well as experts will be able to identify mushrooms in a matter of minutes. All of the mushrooms included are illustrated in beautiful color, adding visual enjoyment to the textual materials. The descriptions are tinged with wit and wisdom, making the use of this guide an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

This edition of The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide should be useful throughout the United States and Canada, but users should remember that each region has certain species peculiar to it, and it is impossible to include all of them here. The coverage is best for the Northeast, Great Lakes region, Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest. It includes most of the truly fine edible wild mushrooms, whether they are common or rare. It also includes the most dangerous ones in order that collectors may recognize them for what they are.

The late Alexander H. Smith was Professor Emeritus of Botany, University of Michigan.

Nancy Smith Weber is Associate Professor of Forest Science, Oregon State University.

Praise / Awards

  • "Whether you are picking mushrooms to eat, or simply want to identify the many strange and beautiful mushrooms you find on walks through the woods, this field guide is highly recommended."
    American Horticulturist

  • "This is the mushroom forager's Bible. Don't go into the wilderness without it."
    Creative Living

  • ". . . should be on the bookshelf of all serious amateurs, and the professionals will also find it helpful."

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The Mushroom Plant-3
When and Where to Find Mushrooms-4
The Distribution of Mushroom Species-6
Collection and Identifying Mushrooms-6
The Mushroom Fruiting Body-8
Edible or Poisonous?-13
Mushroom Names-19

How to us the Keys-21

How to Read The Species Descriptions-22

Key to Major Groups of Fungi Illustrated -23

Discomycetes (Cup Fungi)-26
Morchellaceae (True Morels) and Helvellaceae (False Morels)-35

Auriculariales and Tremellales-56
Agaricales (Fleshy Poroid Species)-87
Agaricales (Gilled Species)-114

Hints for thew Mushroom Collector-297

Microscopic Characters-300


Selected Books-309


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