Workin' on the Chain Gang

Shaking Off the Dead Hand of History
Walter Mosley
Foreword by Clyde Taylor, New York University
A passionate examination of the social and economic injustices that continue to shackle the American people


". . . bracing and provocative. . . ."
---Publishers Weekly

". . . clear-sighted . . . Mosley offers chain-breaking ideas. . . ."
---Los Angeles Times Book Review

"[A] thoroughly potent dismantling of Yanqui capitalism, the media, and the entertainment business, and at the same time a celebration of rebellion, truth as a tool for emancipation, and much else besides. . . ."
---Toronto Globe and Mail

"Workin' on the Chain Gang excels at expressing feelings of ennui that transcend race. . . . beautiful language and penetrating insights into the necessity of confronting the past."
---Washington Post

"Mosley eloquently examines what liberation from consumer capitalism might look like. . . . readers receptive to a progressive critique of the religion of the market will value Mosley's creative contribution."

Walter Mosley's most recent essay collection is Life Out of Context, published in 2006. He is the best-selling author of the science fiction novel Blue Light, five critically acclaimed mysteries featuring Easy Rawlins, the blues novel RL's Dream, a finalist for the NAACP Award in Fiction, and winner of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association's Literary Award. His books have been translated into twenty languages. He lives in New York.

Clyde Taylor is Professor of African American Studies at NYU's Gallatin School and author of The Mask of Art: Breaking the Aesthetic Contract---Film and Literature.

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