Representation Rights and the Burger Years

Nancy Maveety
Maveety argues that the Supreme Court under Burger revolutionized the constitutional view of political representation


Praise / Awards

  • "[Maveety's] pioneering understanding of the Burger years will help in many ways to understand the Rehnquist Court."
    —Gottfried Dietze, The Johns Hopkins University
  • ". . . a thorough tour de force of the Burger Court's meanderings in an extremely complex area of constitutional law. It provides an ideal benchmark from which future analysts might embark when attempting to assess the status and development of the Court's conceptualization of representation."
    —Mark E. Rush, American Political Science Review
  • "Each chapter offers rich insights into the actual struggles over effective political representation. The study is valuable to jurists, political scientists, and the educated general public. . . . [An] elucidating contribution to our understanding of the difficult problem of representation and recent Supreme Court history."
    —Gottfried Dietze, Perspectives on Political Science

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