The Michigan Guide to English for Academic Success and Better TOEFL® Test Scores

With 2 Audio CDs
Catherine Mazak, Lawrence J. Zwier, and Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz
Practice for the iBT


The Next-Generation TOEFL® Test, to be released in September 2005, emphasizes English for academic purposes (EAP). It focuses on all four skills and academic skill proficiency and responds to the growing popularity of communicative testing by addressing all four skills—reading, listening, writing and speaking. The Next-Generation TOEFL® Test makes all existing test-preparation guides obsolete.

The Michigan Guide to English for Academic Success and Better TOEFL® Test Scores is the first published guide for the Next-Generation TOEFL®. The Michigan Guide will help students develop the skills that will improve their English—not just for test preparation but for academic purposes as well. The Michigan Guide helps TOEFL® candidates learn and practice the skills they need for the new test—global comprehension, skill integration, and communicative ability in college-related tasks.

The book may be used as a core text in multi-skills EAP classes and dedicated test-preparation courses. When the new TOEFL® comes online, EAP classes will become test-prep classes. Because the University of Michigan Press is a longtime leader in the publication of EAP materials and the authors of this book are EAP instructors, The Michigan Guide is the definitive guide to teaching the academic skills necessary to perform well on the TOEFL® Test.

Within each chapter, academic skills are identified, explained, practiced, and finally tested. Opportunities for simulated test practice are provided within the chapters, and a complete practice test is provided at the end of the book.

Other features include:

  • Full-length readings from authentic scholarly and college-level textbooks
  • Authentic lectures from first- and second-year university courses
  • Examples of student writing and speaking from nonnative speakers of English in testing situations
  • Extensive sections detailing how written and spoken responses will be rated.

The two audio CDs packaged with the book contain all the material for the listening section and the integrated skills tested in the writing and speaking sections of the new TOEFL®.

The changes to the TOEFL® test are dramatic. On the new version of the test, the readings and lectures will be about twice as long as they are on the current computer-based test. The reading section includes summary and categorization tasks never before used in a TOEFL®. Skill-integration will be tested in the speaking and writing sections based on reading and listening passages. The new version contains no discrete-point grammar questions.

For more information about the changes to the test and features of The Michigan Guide , go to our companion site and view a slide show presentation.

For support for using this text or teaching for the iBT in general, see The Michigan Guide to Teaching EAP Skills for the TOEFL® iBT.

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