Genre and the Language Learning Classroom

Brian Paltridge
An analysis of how a curriculum based on communicative events can enhance learning in the language classroom


  • What is genre?
  • How can genre be used as an organizing principle in ESL programs?
  • How are genre and context explored in ESL classes?
  • How can discourse structures be taught through genre?
  • How can genre-based assessment tasks be incorporated into the language classroom?

These questions are addressed and answered in Genre in the Language Learning Classroom. This text introduces teachers and teachers-in-training to the concept of genre analysis and suggests ways in which the results of genre analysis can be applied to language learning classrooms. It provides genre-oriented activities that will help teachers extend and diversify their everyday language teaching practice. These activities focus on the relationship between genre and context, genre and discourse, and genre and language. Examples of genre-based course design and genre-based assessment are offered. The final chapter considers future directions for research and development in the area of genre-based language teaching.

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  • genre analysis, second language writing, critical discourse analysis, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, language teaching, language learning, genre-based assessment, genre-based grammar, English for specific purposes, English for academic purposes, systemic genre, academic writing, language program development, curriculum design, syllabus design, discourse community, genre awareness, generic competence