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Something to Talk About

A Reproducible Conversation Resource for Teachers and Tutors
Kathleen Olson
A photocopiable resource for teachers to encourage and improve oral communication


Something to Talk About provides teachers, students, and conversation partners with ready-to-use material for practicing conversation and language skills. Carefully designed questions for conversation as well as interesting and unusual related information about American culture provide lower-level ESL students with stimulating and engaging conversation topics.

Thirteen content areas, ranging from personal to societal, are related to the non-native speaker's knowledge and experiences to ensure that mutual sharing and dialogue take place. Each unit of Something to Talk About focuses on a universally common topic and asks students to talk about their own experiences, thereby drawing on existingvocabulary while developing communicative competence. Students will have the opportunity to discuss birth order, organ transplants, learning styles, shopping, exercise, eating out, and job satisfaction, among other topics. Each activity is independent and may be used in any order.

Something to Talk About is a photocopiable resource that can be used in conversation classes, as warm-up activities in intensive language programs, or in literacy or other one-on-one settings. Interesting content and approachable topics also encourage individual and independent work outside of the classroom.

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