A People Numerous and Armed

Reflections on the Military Struggle for American Independence
Revised Edition
John Shy
A series of essays about the social, political, and intellectual dimensions of the Revolutionary War


Americans like to think of themselves as a peaceful and peace-loving people, and in remembering their own revolutionary past, American historians have long tended to focus on colonial origins and Constitutional aftermath, neglecting the fact that the American Revolution was a long, hard war. In this book, John Shy shifts the focus to the Revolutionary War and explores the ways in which the experience of that war was entangled with both the causes and the consequences of the Revolution itself. This is not a traditional military chronicle of battles and campaigns, but a series of essays that recapture the social, political, and even intellectual dimensions of the military effort that had created an American nation by 1783.

". . .Shy has produced one of the most thoughtful and perceptive discussions of the war to date. More than any other historian of the Revolution, he has caused us to reconsider the war as a deeper social and political process."
---Review in American History

". . .the scholarship of a leading military historian at his best, dealing not just with tactics and strategy but with the manifold social, political, and economic problems created by and related to the War for Independence."
---William and Mary Quarterly

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