The Life of Charlemagne

Foreword by Sidney Painter
A vivid life of Charlemagne, written ca A.D. 830 by a member of his court


Charlemagne---giant of history, hero of legend---His power kept both the West and the East in awe. For centuries after his death, the figure of Charlemagne dominated Europe. In legend, he was "the Emperor with the Flowery Beard," gigantic, two hundred years ago.

Here, written by a member of his court, is Charlemagne's life in vivid and personal detail. Einhard shows us the great Frankish king in his own times---in battle at table, reading St. Augustine, educating his children, molding that rally of civilization we call the Carolingian Renaissance.

First "published" about 830 A.D., this book gives life to the Charlemagne of bards and scholars, and a direct view of the most brilliant reign of the Dark Ages.

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Einhard's Preface     15
The Life of Emperor Charles     23
I. The Merovingians     23
II. Charlemagne's Ancestors     24
III. Charlemagne's Accession     26
IV. Plan of This Work     27
V. Aquitanian War     27
VI. Lombard War     28
VII. Saxon War     30
VIII. Saxon War (continued)     32
IX. Spanish Expedition     33
X. Submission of the Bretons and Beneventans     34
XI. Tassilo and the Bavarian Campaign     35
XII. Slavic War     37
XIII. War with the Huns     37
XIV. Danish War     39
XV. Extent of Charlemagne's Conquests     40
XVI. Foreign Relations     41
XVII. Public Works     43
XVIII. Private Life     45
XIX. Private Life (continued)     46
XX. Conspiracies Against Charlemagne     48
XXI. Charlemagne's Treatment of Foreigners     49
XXII. Personal Appearance     50
XXIII. Dress     51
XXIV. Habits     52
XXV. Studies     53
XXVI. Piety     54
XXVII. Generosity     55
XXVIII. Charlemagne Crowned Emperor     56
XXIX. Reforms     57
XXX. Coronation of Louis -- Charlemagne's Death     58
XXXI. Burial     60
XXXII. Omens of Death     60
XXXIII. Will     62
Notes     69
Genealogical Table     75
Map     20-21

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