The Consciousness of the Litigator

Duffy Graham
An original analysis of the moral consciousness of the modern lawyer


This book examines the moral consciousness of the litigator. The primary skill of the litigator is the fundamental skill of all lawyers—that is, making legal arguments—and the litigator's work extends to all corners of society.

An understanding of the moral consciousness of litigators requires a grasp of the sociopolitical and institutional settings in which they work. The Consciousness of the Litigator explores the role of the lawyer in American political and social life and in the judicial process and plumbs his understanding of himself, his work, and especially his sense of right and wrong.

The Consciousness of the Litigator should stand with Michael Kelly's The Lives of Lawyers as a must-read for the many law students, scholars, and practicing litigators who struggle to reconcile ethical questions with the dictates of their highly commercialized professions.

Duffy Graham is a litigator in the offices of Savitt & Bruce in Seattle. He holds a J.D. from Yale.

Praise / Awards

  • "An important and thought-provoking addition to the literature on the ethics of lawyers."
    —Kimberly Kirkland, Franklin Pierce Law Center

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Copyright © 2005, Duffy Graham. All rights reserved.

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Review Law and Politics Book Review | 10/1/2006

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