Coping With Poverty

The Social Contexts of Neighborhood, Work, and Family in the African-American Community
Sheldon Danziger and Ann Chih Lin, Editors
Qualitative research seeks to place poverty among African-Americans into the context of family, work, and community


Conservatives often condemn the poor, particularly African-Americans, for having children out of wedlock, joblessness, dropping out of school, or tolerating crime. Liberals counter that, with more economic opportunity, the poor differ little from the nonpoor in these areas. In answer to both, Coping with Poverty points to the survival strategies of the poor and their multiple roles as parents, neighbors, relatives, and workers. Their attempts to balance multiple obligations occur within a context of limited information, social support, and resources. Their decisions may not always be the wisest, but they "make sense" in context.

Contributors use qualitative research methods to explore the influence of community, workplace, and family upon strategies for dealing with poverty. Promising young scholars delve into poor black inner-city neighborhoods and suburbs and middle-income black urban communities, exploring experiences at all stages of life, including high-school students, young parents, employed older men, and unemployed mothers. Two chapters discuss the role of qualitative research in poverty studies, specifically examining how this research can be used to improve policymaking.

The volume's contribution is in the diversity of experiences it highlights and in how the general themes it illustrates are similar across different age/gender groups. The book also suggests an approach to policymaking that seeks to incorporate the experiences and the needs of the poor themselves, in the hope of creating more successful and more relevant poverty policy. It is especially useful for undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology, public policy, urban studies, and African-American Studies, as its scope makes it THE basic reader of qualitative studies of poverty.

Sheldon Danziger is Director of the Poverty Research and Tranining Center and Professor of Social Work and Public Policy, University of Michigan. Ann

Chih Lin is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University of Michigan.

Praise / Awards

  • "Provocative work that sheds new light on the social and economic situation of poor people dealing with newly emerging and difficult challenges. Coping with Poverty helps to put 'Welfare Reform' in perspective and contributes to our understanding. An important contribution to the literature on urban poverty."
    —Elijah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania, author of Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City

  • "Everyone concerned about poverty in the post-welfare age should read this book. It takes seriously the need to incorporate qualitative research into a picture that is often drawn by numbers alone. In-depth interviews, detailed studies of neighborhoods, and compelling accounts of interclass relations make this book a particularly welcome addition to the literature. Best of all, we find here the new voice of young ethnographers who are establishing themselves as the next generation of poverty experts. We should all listen carefully to what they have to say."
    —Katherine Newman, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and author of No Shame in My Game: The Working Poor in the Inner City

  • "This is an important body of work for anyone interested in issues of inequality, community, race dynamics, and poverty reform."
    —Dana Haynie, Contemporary Sociology, Volume 31, No.1

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