The Challenge of Regulating Managed Care

John E. Billi and Gail B. Agrawal, Editors
A rare insight into the views of major stakeholders in the debate about oversight of the managed-care industry


Representatives of industry, government, caregivers, and consumers join scholars and policy analysts in comparing market forces to regulation as potential means for righting what is wrong with managed care. The contributors that John E. Billi and Gail B. Agrawal have gathered here quickly move the healthcare debate beyond the classroom, think tank, and statehouse to the boardroom and examining room.

Some argue strongly that the solution is to be found in the democratic process and government intervention, while others maintain that only market forces in a competitive environment can respond quickly to the needs of consumers and purchasers alike. The contributors' diverse opinions about the oversight of managed care reflect an enduring divide, one that will affect how society ultimately resolves questions about the inevitable tradeoffs among health-care quality, cost, and access in an environment of limited resources.

The Challenge of Regulating Managed Care will appeal to policymakers, those in the medical field, and all readers interested in the American experience with managed care.

John E. Billi is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Medical Education; Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, University of Michigan Medical School; and Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Michigan.

Gail B. Agrawal is Associate Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Praise / Awards

  • "This concise, readable collection of a dozen diverse views on managed care regulation will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in health policy."
    ---Alain Enthoven, Stanford University
  • "The debate over 'managed care,' patients' rights, and rocketing health care costs is not likely to end soon. Anyone who wishes to understand these issues will find this book an ally!"
    ---Lynn Rivers, United States Representative, Michigan's 13th District
  • ". . . covers a timely, relevant, and provocative topic. . . . The book highlights efforts to counterbalance the dominance of huge, national managed care organizations in the aftermath of managed care's successful quasi-revolution. . . . It does not engage in 'managed care bashing' based on a 'battle of anecdotes.' It presents balanced perspectives from practicing physicians to the primary trade association for the industry. Between those poles are the reasoned voices of consumers, purchasers, accreditors, regulators, and litigators. All the major perspectives are presented succinctly."
    ---Oren Renick, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Inquiry, Fall 2002

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