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Michigan and the Great Lakes

The Michigan Roadside Naturalist

J. Alan Holman and Margaret B. Holman
A captivating guide to the natural wonders of the Great Lakes State and a handy reference in our Michigan series


Did you know . . . ?

  • Michigan is seventeenth in oil production in the United States.
  • The Great Lakes are said to be the only glacially produced structures that can be seen from the moon.
  • Michigan was once part of a coral reef.
  • The wood frog is one of the commonest true frogs of moist woodland floors in Michigan today and is able to freeze solid during the winter without harmful effects.

These and many more amazing facts await the curious traveler in The Michigan Roadside Naturalist , J. Alan and Margaret B. Holman's captivating guide to the natural treasures of Michigan. A perfect accompaniment to the classic Michigan Trees and The Forests of Michigan, this user-friendly guide offers a Who's Who of the geology, biology, and archaeology of the Great Lakes State, as well as highway adventures along the state's major routes.

The book begins with an educational yet accessible tour of important points in Michigan's natural and archaeological history, followed by seven road trips based on commonly traveled state routes, moving from south to north in the Lower Peninsula and east to west in the Upper Peninsula. Readers can proceed directly to the road trips or familiarize themselves with the state's treasure trove of fascinating features before embarking. Either way, an informative and fun odyssey awaits the passionate naturalist, amateur or otherwise.

J. Alan Holman is Curator Emeritus of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Michigan State University Museum and Emeritus Professor of Geology and Zoology at Michigan State University.

Margaret B. Holman is Research Associate at Michigan State University Museum and Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University.

Praise / Awards

  • "[A] gem of a guidebook to the wonders of the Great Lakes State. . . . The discussions of the features which may be seen and appreciated along these routes are a treasure chest of information. It is here that the Holmans so skillfully weave history, culture and nature into the rich tapestry of the Michigan landscape. . . . [I]f the fact that people have lived in Michigan for 12,000 years or that whales once swam in the Great Lakes interests you, or if you are curious about why the box turtle is the 'Johnny Appleseed' of Michigan woodlands, this is the book for you."
    —Charles E. Cleland, Michigan Academician
  • "The Holmans have put together a plethora of amazing features and facts unique to the state from their many trips throughout both peninsulas. The writing is fresh, easy to understand, and always interesting. . . . Photos, drawings and maps, include information you can't get just anywhere."
    Michigan Out-of-Doors

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  • 344 pages.
  • 38 drawings, 84 B&W photographs, 3 tables, 8 maps.
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