Michigan and the Great Lakes

The Vernor's Story

From Gnomes to Now
Lawrence L. Rouch
An illustrated history of one of the greatest success stories in the American beverage industry


With a secret formula in his pocket and a soda pop named after him, in 1866 entrepreneur and inventor James Vernor introduced Detroiters to his gingery concoction, Vernor's Ginger Ale—a drink that shook the local beverage world and one that's still a player in the ultra–competitive beverage industry.

Observing nearly a century and a half of this great American thirst quencher, The Vernor's Story tells the tale of Vernor's passionate drive to make his brew the ginger ale of choice in the then fledgling business of carbonated soft drinks.

Ginger ale connoisseurs love "deliciously different" Vernor's for its distinctive gingery flavor and unique packaging. And for Vernor's fans everywhere, The Vernor's Story marks a nostalgic revival of interest in this important piece of Americana—a Detroit original and great American success story!

Lawrence L. Rouch is President of Studio3/Innovations, a marketing and consulting firm representing fine artists in the automotive and fine arts fields. He established his Detroit connection as a training and development specialist for the Chrysler Corporation.

Praise / Awards

  • Named a 2004 Michigan Notable Book

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  • 136 pages.
  • 50 B&W photographs, 25 color photographs in text.
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  • Ebook
  • 2010
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  • 978-0-472-02460-5

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