Challenges 1

Reading and Vocabulary for Academic Success
Cynthia A. Boardman and Laurie Barton


The Challenges textbook series helps students become better readers through explicit teaching of reading skills and strategies that will break counter-productive habits, such as word-for-word translation. Vocabulary is a major focus of the series as well because good readers know a lot of words.

Challenges 1 (the low-intermediate level) has eight units with two chapters in each. Each unit begins with an introduction to the topic—generally a one-page activity to activate students' interest and background knowledge. Each chapter consists of sections designed to support students' understanding of a reading passage. For example, the Reading Skills section teaches one of three types: basic reading skills, dictionary skills, or sentence-level grammar skills. Vocabulary is also previewed, but students also practice word forms of the target vocabulary and learn common collocations and phrases.

The book also includes timed/paced readings, which are important to developing reading fluency. Additional material to support the book is available online.

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