War and the State

The Theory of International Politics
R. Harrison Wagner

Exposes the deep logical contradictions of Realist political thought and counters it with a new, more robust theory of war


War and the State exposes the invalid arguments employed in the unproductive debate about Realism among international relations scholars, as well as the common fallacy of sharply distinguishing between conflict among states and conflict within them. As R. Harrison Wagner demonstrates, any understanding of international politics must be part of a more general study of the relationship between political order and organized violence everywhere—as it was in the intellectual tradition from which modern-day Realism was derived. War and the State draws on the insights from Wagner's distinguished career to create an elegantly crafted essay accessible to both students and scholars.

R. Harrison Wagner is Professor of Government at the University of Texas.

Praise / Awards

  • "This is one of the best books on International Relations Theory I have read in a very long time. It is required reading for any student of modern IR theory. Once again, Wagner has shown himself to be one of the clearest thinkers in the field today."
    —Robert Powell, Robson Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley

  • "Painting on a vast canvas, and tackling and integrating topics such as state formation, domestic politics and international conflict, R. Harrison Wagner's War and the State offers many brilliant insights into the nature of international relations and international conflict. War and the State compellingly highlights the importance of constructing rigorous and valid theorizing and sets a high standard for all students of international relations. The field of international relations has much to gain if scholars follow the trail blazed by Wagner in this book."
    —Hein Goemans, University of Rochester

  • "Possibly the most important book on international relations theory since Kenneth Waltz's Theory of International Politics."
    —James Fearon, Stanford University

  • "The book delves deeply into the arguments between theorists representing the major schools of thought. It will be of interest to faculty and researchers, but its analysis is too detailed, sophisticated, and intricate to appeal to general readers or undergraduates."
    Choice, R. L. Russell, National Defense University

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