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Teaching Academic Writing

An Introduction for Teachers of Second Language Writers
Brian Paltridge, Lesley Harbon, David Hirsh, Huizhong Shen, Marie Stevenson, Aek Phakiti, and Lindy Woodrow
Michigan Teacher Training


How does academic writing vary between educational settings, disciplines, and cultures? How do different approaches to knowledge affect academic writing?

Teaching Academic Writing combines research and practice to explore the questions that instructors may have about academic writing in the second language classroom. Whether for writing teachers new to the second language classroom or ESL teachers new to academic writing instruction, this textbook provides an accessible and detailed survey of the key issues and ideas that shape the teaching of academic writing to ESL students today.

Chapters address a full range of critical topics, including the context and process of academic writing, needs analysis, teaching approaches, the interrelationship between writing and vocabulary, intercultural perspectives, feedback, and assessment. Each chapter includes Classroom Implications, tasks and techniques for teaching, and some possible exercises to use with students. Chapters begin with thought-provoking questions and end with a section designed to help users consider their own beliefs and classroom practices. This textbook also includes suggestions for practical resources that can be used in the academic writing classroom.

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