Reading Processes and Structures, Split Ed., Book 2

A Skills-Based American Culture Reader
Brian Altano


Reading Processes and Structures contains a variety of reading materials and skill development exercises to improve students' cultural literacy and prepare them for college-level readings. Reading Processes and Structures offers readings that span genres, from newspaper and magazine articles to poetry and short fiction. The passages include many original, never-before published readings, along with pieces from well-known writers like Sandra Cisneros, Roald Dahl, Tim O'Brien, Robert Pinsky, Amy Tan, and Alice Walker. Some writings deal with serious social issues while others examine humorous aspects of life in America.

This textbook is divided into two parts: The Basics and Reading Units. In The Basics, students will find fundamental definitions and learning strategies and an overview of the parts of speech and literary terms. Each of the three Reading Units in Book 2 (Aspects of Culture, Business, and A Sense of Place) contains reading passages equal to or longer than those on the TOEFL® iBT; readings can be used for lively classroom discussion and individual study. Reading Processes and Structures also includes pre-reading and vocabulary activities, as well as exercises designed to check student understanding of reading themes and details.

Some updates to the material included in the full version of Reading Processes and Structures have been made to the split editions.

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