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Latin Grammar

Dirk Panhuis
A Latin reference combining traditional knowledge, linguistic innovation, and didactic clarity


In Latin Grammar , Dirk Panhuis has assembled an innovative reference that makes use of many of the advances that have taken place in linguistics during the last half century. Instead of old-fashioned grammar-translation approaches, Panhuis explains linguistic concepts clearly, thoroughly describing the mechanics of the sentence and its parts. In addition to discussing syntactic and semantic structures, and appropriate grammatical terminology and definitions, Panhuis also illustrates the grammar throughout with text by Latin authors.

This concise reference, ideal for students and instructors of Latin in high schools and colleges, will supplant the out-dated grammars of Allen & Greenough and Hale & Buck.

Dirk Panhuis studied classical philology at the State University of Ghent, Belgium, 1963, and obtained his Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Michigan, 1981. He had been teaching classical languages in high schools until his retirement in 2002.

Praise / Awards

  • "Panhuis brings a very welcome linguistic orientation to the study of Latin, an approach not found in the older traditional grammars currently used at the college level. Among the features likely to prove most helpful for students is the presentation of information in clear and easily readable charts and grids, and the explanations accompanying the English translations, allowing students to see clearly how to render a Latin structure into English both literally and idiomatically."
    —Deborah Ross, Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan
  • "This innovative grammar incorporates current viewpoints of syntax and semantics, making it a unique tool, especially for the study of sentence structure."
    —Philip Baldi, Professor of Linguistics and Classics, Pennsylvania State University
  • "In his Latin Grammar, Panhuis artfully integrates traditional description and modern analysis. It will provide intermediate and advancing Latin students mature help in understanding Latin syntax and offers material on the dynamics of text which is unique for an introductory reference tool. Not to be overlooked is its value as a resource to those who teach Latin."
    —Charles Elerick, Professor of Languages and Linguistics, University of Texas at El Paso
  • "With this Latin grammar the author has produced the standard for linguistic study grammars, which will likely become the benchmark for subsequent grammars of Latin."

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