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Michigan and the Great Lakes

100 Cool Mushrooms

Michael Kuo and Andy Methven

Wild, wacky, and weird mushrooms from around the world


All mushrooms are cool, but the ones discussed in 100 Cool Mushrooms are especially cool. Authors Michael Kuo and Andy Methven cover a broad spectrum of notable North American mushrooms: from common fungi that are widely distributed and frequently found, to rare mushrooms that are not found in field guides; from the beautiful to the ugly (and even disgusting).

Each is described and shown, including its ecology and physical features. Inside, you'll find mushrooms such as:

Phallus rubicundus, a stinkhorn that in certain areas appears to be spreading on wood chips sold as commercial mulch. Now you might just find it in your backyard.

Cordyceps militaris, a little orange club fungus that grows in insects, then explodes from their bodies.

Piptoporus betulinus, a mushroom commonly found on birch trees, was found carefully packed in the belongings of the Tyrolean Iceman. Archaeologists speculate that he used it for medicinal purposes.

. . . and 97 more!

Cover image by Tom Robbins.

Dr. Michael Kuo, the principal developer of MushroomExpert.Com, is an English teacher in Illinois and an amateur mycologist. He is the author of Morels and 100 Edible Mushrooms.

Dr. Andrew Methven is Professor of Mycology and Chair of the Biology Department at Eastern Illinois University.

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