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With digitalculturebooks, the University of Michigan Press publishes innovative work in new media studies and digital humanities. We began in 2006 as a partnership between MLibrary and the Press, taking advantage of the skills and expertise of staff throughout Michigan Publishing. Our primary goal is to be an incubator for new publishing models in the humanities and social sciences.

The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age

Edited by Amy E. Earhart and Andrew Jewell
Essays reflecting on the development of the first wave of digital American literature scholarship


The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age, which features a wide range of practitioner-scholars, is the first of its kind: a gathering of people who are expert in American literary studies and in digital technologies, scholars uniquely able to draw from experience with building digital resources and to provide theoretical commentary on how the transformation to new technologies alters the way we think about and articulate scholarship in American literature. The volume collects articles from those who are involved in tool development, usability testing, editing and textual scholarship, digital librarianship, and issues of race and ethnicity in digital humanities, while also situating digital humanities work within the larger literary discipline. In addition, the volume examines the traditional structures of the fields, including tenure and promotion criteria, modes of scholarly production, the skill sets required for scholarship, and the training of new scholars.

The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age will attract practitioners of digital humanities in multiple fields, Americanists who utilize digital materials, and those who are intellectually curious about the new movement and materials.

"By casting the collection explicitly as an outreach to the larger community of Americanists—not primarily those who self-identify as 'digital scholars'—Earhart and Jewell have made an important choice, and one that will likely make this a landmark publication."
—Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia

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Amy E. Earhart is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Texas A&M University.

Andrew Jewell is Associate Professor of Digital Projects, University Libraries, at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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  • "Many of the essays in this exceptional collection acknowledge that we are in the early days of the ‘digital humanities’ and that the gold standard of scholarship is gradually changing to recognize excellent digitally informed scholarship. The work presented here bears the hallmark of that standard and presages stimulating times ahead for digitally informed scholarship globally."
    Literary & Linguistic Computing

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