Domino's Farms

Bertie Bonnell
The fascinating story of the tenacity and talent that transformed a Michigan farmstead into America’s most innovative office park


Domino's Farms is an illustrated exploration of the challenges and triumphs of building and running one of the nation's most extraordinary business parks. It takes readers behind the scenes in the creation of an architectural marvel—the half-mile-long, copper-roofed building that experts consider the capstone of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style. It reveals the true story behind the unusual monuments and exotic animals that have made Domino's Farms one of the few office parks to double as a tourist attraction. And it celebrates the vision and old-fashioned hard work that merged modern convenience with small-town comfort, creating a Class-A workplace in the heart of farm country.

Set in rolling croplands and pastures just ten minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, Domino's Farms presents a feast for the senses. Hundreds of photos in Domino's Farms depict the office park's spectacular architecture, fascinating wildlife, and bustling farm activities. Photos also pay tribute to the designers and builders who created the park, and the managers and caretakers who keep it running. Together, these images tell the story of a workplace so pleasant that people actually look forward to Monday morning.

Designed in an oversize format, this keepsake photo volume is a revelation for anyone who has never seen this Michigan landmark. It even holds some surprises for people who think they know it well. And for those interested in business architecture and design, the text provides a wealth of ideas on how to create a congenial work environment in a large modern facility.

Featuring the unique perspectives of everyone from the office park's neighbors and maintenance staff to employees of its fifty tenants, Domino's Farms, insightful look at the inner workings of building and development invites comparison with Tracy Kidder's House and Witold Rybczynski's Last Harvest.

Bertie Bonnell is a freelance writer and retired marketing consultant from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  • Photo 1 .jpg. Aerial Photo of Domino's Farms, Photo credit Marc Akemann.
  • Photo 2 .jpg. Buffalo at Domino's Farms, Photo credit Marc Akemann.
  • Photo 3 .jpg. Construction at Domino's Farms, Photo credit John Forshee.
  • Photo 4 .jpg. Kids at Domino's Farms, Photo credit Marc Akemann.
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