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Chamber Music

An Essential History
Mark A. Radice


Intended for the music student, the professional musician, and the music lover, Chamber Music: An Essential History covers repertoire from the Renaissance to the present, crossing genres to include string quartets, piano trios, clarinet quintets, and other groupings. Mark A. Radice gives a thorough overview and history of this long-established and beloved genre, typically performed by groups of a size to fit into spaces such as homes or churches and tending originally toward the string and wind instruments rather than percussion. Radice begins with chamber music's earliest expressions in the seventeenth century, discusses its most common elements in terms of instruments and compositional style, and then investigates how those elements play out across several centuries of composers—among them Mozart, Bach, Haydn, and Brahms—and national interpretations of chamber music. While Chamber Music: An Essential History is intended largely as a textbook, it will also find an audience as a companion volume for musicologists and fans of classical music, who may be interested in the background to a familiar and important genre.

"Chamber Music is an impressive and magisterial work. Mark Radice has covered an enormous amount of ground in these pages and has done so with admirable clarity and evenness of tone."
—Jeremy Yudkin, Boston University

Cover image:  The Musicians, by Dorothy Hoyt. Encaustic painting on canvas, 40" H × 30" W. Reproduced by permission of Ithaca College.

Mark A. Radice is Professor of Music History, Theory, and Composition at Ithaca College.

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