Michigan and the Great Lakes

Field Manual of Michigan Flora

Edward G. Voss and Anton A. Reznicek
A comprehensive guide to Michigan’s wild-growing seed plants


Field Manual of Michigan Flora is the most up-to-date guide available for all seed plants growing wild in Michigan. Significantly expanding and updating the three-volume Michigan Flora, the book incorporates the discoveries of numerous additional species, recent systematic research, and a vast trove of new information on the shifting distributions of Michigan species. It presents concise identification keys, information about habitats, and completely updated distribution maps for all the seed plants, native or naturalized, that have been recorded from the state, fully treating over 2,700 species. All non-native species are included with notes on their first discovery in the state and comments on invasive tendencies. Rare native species that appear to be declining or to have shrinking ranges are also noted. This book is an essential reference for anyone interested in appreciating Michigan's natural heritage and understanding our ever-changing environment.

"Systematic botanists, as well as any serious student of plant biodiversity, will celebrate the completion of the Field Manual of Michigan Flora. Its species treatments and maps reflect the addition (since 1972) of 44,000 specimens to the herbarium database and a thorough review of a rapidly changing taxonomic literature. My long quest for the ideal field guide has finally ended."
—Paul E. Rothrock, Taylor University

"A valuable addition to the flora of not only Michigan but also of the entire western Great Lakes region. Thoroughly updated, modernized, and comprehensive, this is a spectacularly achieved effort that will be useful to those in the fields of botany, taxonomy, and ecology."
—Michael A. Vincent, Curator, W. S. Turrell Herbarium, Miami University

Cover: (background) Iris lacustris courtesy Anton A. Reznicek; (inset, left to right) Iris lacustris courtesy Diane Peirce, Rubus parviflorus courtesy Diane Peirce, Tanacetum huronense by Gary Reese, courtesy Michigan National Features Inventory.

Edward G. Voss and Anton A. Reznicek are world-renowned experts in plant systematics in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan. Voss is Curator Emeritus of Vascular Plants and Reznicek is Curator of Vascular Plants at the University Herbarium.

Praise / Awards

  • "The new Field Manual of Michigan Flora summarizes much information about all the species of vascular plant in Michigan and provides dichotomous keys to help readers identify unknown plants. This guide updates and improves on Voss's three-volume Michigan Flora (1972-96). Highly recommended."
    —A. Prather, Choice

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