Teaching College Writing to Diverse Student Populations

Dana R. Ferris


Statistical and anecdotal evidence documents that even states with relatively little ethnic or cultural diversity are beginning to notice and ask questions about long-term resident immigrants in their classes. As shifts in student population become more widespread, there is an even greater need for second language specialists, composition specialists, program administrators, and developers in colleges and universities to understand and adapt to the needs of the changing student audience(s).

This book is designed as an introduction to the topic of diverse second language student audiences in U.S. post-secondary education.  It is appropriate for those interested in working with students in academic settings, especially those students who are transitioning from secondary to post-secondary education.  It provides a coherent synthesis and summary not only of the scope and nature of the changes but of their practical implications for program administration, course design, and classroom instruction, particularly for writing courses. For pre-service teachers and those new(er) to the field of working with L2 student writers, it offers an accessible and focused look at the "audience" issues with many practical suggestions.  For teacher-educators and administrators, it offers a resource that can inform their own decision-making.

Series editors: Patricia Byrd, Joy M. Reid, and Cynthia M. Schuemann.

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