Louie Louie

The History and Mythology of the World's Most Famous Rock 'n Roll Song; Including the Full Details of Its Torture and Persecution at the Hands of the Kingsmen, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, and a Cast of Millions; and Introducing for the First Time Anywhere, the Actual Dirty Lyrics
Dave Marsh
With a new preface by the author
The fascinating story of one of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll songs


Since his days as the original editor of Creem, Dave Marsh has been revered as one of rock's greatest critics. During the 70s he was record editor at Rolling Stone, and in 1983 he founded Rock & Roll Confidential. His other books include Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s (1987), and Before I Get Old: The Story of the Who (1983).

Praise / Awards

  • "...once you delve into Dave Marsh's Louie, Louie, with its intrigue, high drama, and twists and turns, it's hard to see what took so long for the full tale to come to light."
    Book Watch
  • "Marsh keeps the story of one trashy song interesting by revealing how 'three chords and a cloud of dust' contains within it the history and future of rock 'n' roll."
  • "A tale as compelling as any John Grisham thriller."
    Rolling Stone
  • "Dave Marsh's Louie Louie is part rant, part rock criticism and part cultural analysis, with a good dose of Ripley's Belive It or Not! thrown in."
    The New York Times Book Review
  • "What you don't know about 'Louie Louie' probably won't hurt you. But everything you need to know is in Marsh's book, including the lyrics--the real ones and the ones people thought they heard. If there is a better measure of your pop-cultural IQ, I don't know where to find it."
    USA Today

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