Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy, Revised Edition

Ole R. Holsti
A thoroughly revised version of this essential text, incorporating a wealth of new material on American foreign policy since 9/11


The second edition of this concise masterwork includes vast amounts of new material on American foreign policy in the post-9/11 era, including the war in Iraq. Holsti explores the poorly understood role of public opinion in international affairs, looking at Americans' capacity to make informed judgments about issues far removed from their personal experience.

Ole R. Holsti is George V. Allen Professor of Political Science at Duke University.

Praise / Awards

  • "Impressively comprehensive and current: an excellent revision of a book by the #1 authority on the topic. This new edition will remain at the forefront for consultation and textbook adoption on the topic for years to come."
    —Bruce Russett, Yale University
  • "For those who are curious about the impact of 9/11 on American public opinion, for serious students of the relationship between foreign policy and public opinion, for anyone who wants to understand contemporary American opinion about the United States's place in the world, and for citizens tired of conventional wisdom about a difficult and important subject, Holsti's study is not only interesting and topical, it is essential."
    —Maxine Isaacs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • "A superb study of the complex relationship between public opinion and U.S. foreign policy—thoroughly researched, clearly written, and cogently argued. Holsti combines a political scientist's interest in analyzing polling data over time with an historian's grasp of key trends in American politics and culture since Pearl Harbor--and since 9/11."
    —Ralph B. Levering, Davidson College
  • "I thought the first edition was the best single treatment on the subject—and so, apparently, did the student who 'borrowed' my copy—and this is a worthy successor. The new edition almost flawlessly accomplishes the goal Holsti sets for himself: an update of his landmark book in light of emerging research and the dramatically changed state of the world that confronts U.S. foreign policy."
    —Randolph Siverson, University of California, Davis
  • "In an age of almost weekly polling on foreign policy, Holsti's insights are indispensable. He delivers double tour de force in this new edition, providing his own current and historical research along with a comprehensive synthesis of the existing literature. His analysis of the relationships between public opinion and foreign policy since 9/11 will prove particularly valuable for students and scholars alike."
    —Richard Eichenberg, Tufts University
  • "Holsti combines a vast knowledge of political history and a mastery of the relevant scholarship with up-to-date empirical data to address the question of what role the general public can play in shaping foreign policy. This revised edition is a remarkable achievement."
    —Shoon Murray, School of International Service, American University
  • "The revised edition of Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy will surely renew its position as the essential text on this important subject. Ole Holsti unfolds a tapestry both rich in historical context and nuanced in current political insight, showing how public opinion has and, equally important, has not played a role in shaping U.S. foreign policy."
    —Steven Kull, Program on International Policy Attitudes, University of Maryland

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