Polar Bears

Ian Stirling
Photographs by Dan Guravich
A treasury of information and outstanding photographs brought together to reveal the fascinating life of the symbol of Arctic survival, the polar bear


Every once in a while a book comes along that combines both art and research so completely, so intuitively, that it becomes a classic, offering the reader not only a wealth of information, but an escape into the life of the subject covered. Polar Bears is such a book.

Here, you will learn from one of the world's leading polar bear experts, Ian Stirling, how the polar bear evolved and adapted to its world of snow and ice. You will follow the life of the polar bear from its birth in a snowy den in the middle of winter through its fascinating methods of hunting seals on the sea ice, its seasonal migrations, and its passage into old age. And you will learn about the impact of man on the survival of this magnificent animal.

Renowned wildlife photographer Dan Guravich's spectacular visual commentary captures the playfulness and the majestic beauty of the polar bear. Over 150 color photographs portray the animals as the powerful predators they are. You will see the scars of battle, and you will see the tenderness between a mother and her cubs. In all, you will experience a truly fitting tribute to one of the most beautiful creatures in the world—the very spirit of Arctic living.

Ian Stirling is Senior Research Scientist with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Edmonton, and Adjunct Professor of Zoology, University of Alberta, Edmonton. For over fourteen years he has supervised the Canadian Wildlife Service Polar Bear Project.

Photographer Dan Guravich was widely known for his many articles and books on nature and wildlife.

Praise / Awards

  • "Few men other than the Inuit themselves have had as intimate an acquaintance with polar bears as Ian Stirling and Dan Guravich. The combination of Stirling's scholarly research and Guravich's incomparable photographs are a superb celebration of these glamorous 'Lords of the Arctic.'"
    —Roger Tory Peterson
  • "Here fascinating, accurate science is interwoven in an icy matrix with humanly rich Inuit lore. The result is the best available book on polar bears."
    —Stephen Herrero
  • "Of all the books on polar bears that I have seen, this is certainly the finest."
  • "Nowhere before have we seen photos that capture polar bears in such a diverse range of situations and poses. . . . Stirling beguiles us with fascinating facts."
    Northwest Explorer

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  • 8-1/2 x 11.
  • 232pp.
  • 163 color photographs.
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