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Flip It!

Strategies for the ESL Classroom
Robyn Brinks Lockwood
Foreword by Keith S. Folse


“In Flip It! Robyn Brinks Lockwood explains in clear language with concrete examples what it means to flip an ESL classroom. Flip It! is the first [book] I’ve seen that offers strategies and specific examples for different types of ESL/EFL lessons.”
—Foreword by Keith S. Folse
Professor, TESOL
Author of more than 60 ELT books

Flip It! is a resource that methodically guides teachers as they take steps to begin flipping their ESL classroom. Flipped learning exposes students to the instruction outside the classroom and uses class time to apply new knowledge through activities, typically with the teacher in the “guide on the side,” as opposed to the “sage on the stage,” role. Robyn Brinks Lockwood introduces flipped learning and compares it to blended and mixed-mode learning. She then documents the many benefits of flipping for her and her students—improved student performance, lower absenteeism, increased interaction, and more time for students and teachers for what they need, among others.

Flip It! is the perfect introduction to flipping ELS lessons because it shows teachers how to flip without making videos and without giving up on a textbook, how to take advantage of readily available additional material on course content, and how to modify a variety of activities to work in a flipped learning environment. More than 50 activities from textbooks are included to help illustrate ways to flip various reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary lessons.

Robyn Brinks Lockwood has taught ESL in adult education, intensive English, and university programs. She currently teaches English for Foreign Students as part of the Language Center at Stanford University and serves as the program coordinator for the American Language and Culture summer program. She has given numerous presentations at international, regional, state, and local conferences throughout the United States. Lockwood has authored and edited a variety of ESL textbooks, ancillary materials, and online courses.

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