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Choice Readings

Mark A. Clarke, Barbara K. Dobson, and Sandra Silberstein
An intermediate-level ESL reading textbook from the authors of Reader's Choice


SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Using the popular format of Reader's Choice, Choice Readings introduces intermediate students to the skills and strategies of independent and efficient reading.

Choice Readings provides a wide range of authentic reading experiences:

  • Essays and editorials sharpen critical reading skills.
  • The needs of today's international language learners are reflected in the science and business features as well as in magazine and newspaper articles on topics of widespread interest.
  • Maps, charts, and graphs complement many of the prose selections.
  • Fiction provides opportunities for students to stretch their imaginations.
  • Cartoons provide insight into human nature and cultural differences.
  • Reading selections include airline terminal and campus maps, magazine graphics, newspaper articles, advice columns, technical prose, poetry, questionnaires, and a college application and tuition chart.

An answer key is included.

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