Encounters in Modern Hebrew

Level 3
Edna Amir Coffin
The third volume in a series that enables students to attain a command of spoken and written Hebrew


Encounters in Modern Hebrew is designed to fulfill the needs of English-speaking students of Hebrew who seek oral and written communication and reading comprehension. Extensively classroom-tested at the University of Michigan, the text provides the means to acquire a meaningful command of the Hebrew language with an emphasis on an expansive vocabulary and a variety of language domains. Employing interesting exercises and activities, Encounters in Modern Hebrew, Level 3 incorporates many current communicative and culturally-based approaches to mastering a foreign language. Encounters in Modern Hebrew, Level 3 presents a study environment conducive to the speaking, reading, and writing of free and authentic Hebrew.

This volume shows students a wider range of Hebrew-speaking cultural activities in a larger human context, from materials about holidays, including a Jewish holiday celebrated only in North Africa, to discussions of the roles of women that raise the issue of gender equality. Other chapters examine ethnic jokes and their problematic qualities, geography, and the differences between popular and literary language registers. Encounters in Modern Hebrew, Level 3 ushers the Hebrew student through a wide domain of the human community.

Edna Amir Coffin is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Modern Hebrew Language and Literature and Senior Research Scientist, Center for Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan.

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