Carolingian Chronicles

Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard's Histories
Bernhard Walter Scholz
Translated with Barbara Rogers
The most comprehensive contemporaneous record of the rise and fall of the Carolingian Empire


Carolingian Chronicles makes available for the first time in English two works which together form the most comprehensive and official contemporary record of the rise and fall of the Carolingian Empire. The Royal Frankish Annals provides an account of the years 741 to 829, during which time the Carolingian Empire ascended to its peak of dominance and splendor. Nithard's Histories are an eyewitness report of the wars between the sons of Louis the Pious, which began about 830 and ended with the Treaty of Verdun in 843.

In addition to being important examples of medieval historiography, these two works form an essential basis for the study of a momentous era in European history. Written by men close to the contemporary sources of power, the Annals and Histories provide fascinating glimpses of how the Carolingians viewed themselves, their actions, and their times.

The present translation is accompanied by a scholarly introduction, critical notes, and a bibliography. The differences between the earlier and revised versions of the Annals have been indicated in the text, to insure a complete and accurate edition of significant work.

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