Michigan and the Great Lakes

The Indians of the Western Great Lakes, 1615-1760

W. Vernon Kinietz
The stories of the Huron, Miami, Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Chippewa tribes in the years before contact with European settlers


Here is the colorful story of the Huron, Miami, Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Chippewa tribes in the years before contact with the white man changed their centuries-old way of life. The book is based on the letters and journals of European traders, missionaries, and officials who visited them between 1615 and 1760.

They tell how the Indians hunted and fished, trapped, and raised crops. They descibe Indian marriages and births, games, feasts and celebrations, dances, dress, religion, music, and legends. The Indians of the Western Great Lakes is the most complete and authentic study of its kind—a unique contribution to social science as well as a fascinating account of the rich variety of Indian life.

W. Vernon Kinietz holds degrees from The University of Michigan and the University of Chicago. He has written and edited numerous books on the American Indian. Long unavailable, The Indians of the Western Great Lakes was first published by the Museum of Anthroplogy of The University of Michigan.

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Huron     I
Location of the Tribe     I
Characteristics     4
Dress and Ornament     9
Economic Life     15
Social Life     53
Astronomy     120
Religion     122

Miami     161
Introduction 161
Location of the Tribe     162
Characteristics     164
Dress and Ornament     167
Economic Life     170
Social Life     179
Religion     179

Ottawa     226
Historical Sketch     226
Characteristics     232
Dress and Ornament     233
Economic Life     235
Social Life     246
Religion     284

Potawatomi     308
Location of the Tribe     308
Characteristics     311
Dress and Ornament     312
Economic Life     313
Social Life     314

Chippewa     317
Location of the Tribe     317
Characteristics     320
Economic Life     321
Social Life     325
Religion     326

Bibliography     330
Appendix---Memoir Concerning the Different Indian Nations of North America, by Antoine Denis Raudot     339
Index     411

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