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J. A. Hobson
Introduction by Philip Siegelman
A classic 19th-century indictment of imperialism


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  • "If we are indeed entering a new period of imperialism, Hobson is a sound guide to what may come. He writes boldly and clearly, and his pithy insights into the world economy stand as a model of economic writing. . . . Reading Hobson, I am struck by the many parallels between 2002 and 1902. One hundred years ago, he saw that globalization—then known as imperialism—meant that it was impossible for one country to leave another country alone. World capitalism made isolation, even if desirable, an impossibility. . . . As Americans embark on a new imperial project—of rescuing failed states and winning the 'clash of civilizations' so that terrorists have no haven—we should be alert to the possibility that we will record our own 'complete' delusions."
    —G. Pascal Zachary, author of The Global Me, In These Times, September 2, 2002

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