Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Vol. 58 (2013)

Edited by Brian A. Curran


This volume represents the interests of the American Academy in Rome (AAR), its fellows, residents, and the larger international community who use its excellent library and facilities. The Memoirs series presents a selection of articles on topics including—but not limited to—Roman archaeology and topography, ancient and modern Italian history, Latin literature, and Italian art and architectural history.

Volume 58 includes the following essays and articles: “Renaissance Ideas of Space,” by Ingrid D. Rowland; “Cosmological Space between Copernicus and Newton,” by Hilary Gatti; “’The Nobel Sense of the Curve’ from Antiquity through Borromini,” by Livio Pestilli; “Utopian Cities in Cinquecento Italy: Games of Space and Knowledge,” by Lina Bolzoni; “Locating the Ustrinum of Augustus,” by Carlos E. Noreña; “The Visual Language of Nero’s Harbor Sestertii,” by Naomi A. Weiss; “A Constantinian Image Program in Rome Rediscovered: The Late Antique Megalographia from the So-Called Domus Faustae,” by Susanna McFadden; “Splitting the Core: The Transverse Wall at the Basilica of San Paolo in Rome,” by Nicola Camerlenghi; “Questions of Identity: Alexander VII, Carlo Rainaldi, and the Temporary Façade at Palazzo Farnese for Queen Christina of Sweden,” by Margaret A. Kuntz; and “Prince Giovanni Battista Pamphilij (1648-1709) and the Display of Art in the Palazzo al Collegio Romano, Rome,” by Stephanie C. Leone.

Brian Curran is Professor of Art History, Pennsylvania State University.

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