Advanced Standard Arabic through Authentic Texts and Audiovisual Materials

Part Two, Audiovisual Materials
Raji M. Rammuny
A linguistic smorgasbord of real-life Arabic texts


The two volumes of Advanced Standard Arabic through Authentic Texts and Audiovisual Materials are the result of the author's many years of experience teaching Arabic at various levels. They present Modern Standard Arabic to students at advanced levels of proficiency and strengthen students' command of the language by exposing them to actual documents from contemporary Arabic society.

Part One, Textual Materials includes twenty-nine units of material ranging from personal and formal correspondence to short stories, essays, plays, poems, proverbs, and extracts from speeches and panel discussions.

Part Two, Audiovisual Materials contains fourteen units that are based on authentic audiovisual materials, including tape recordings of live speeches and lectures, television series, videotaped speeches and lectures, and short films. The two parts may be used separately or in combination with each other; ten units in Part Two reinforce the themes of ten units in Part One.

Praise / Awards

  • "This book is the work of one of the foremost purveyors of Arabic language teaching in the West who has devoted his lifetime career to promoting good and innovative practice in teaching the language to non-Arabs. The author's concern for the motivational factor of language learning and his commitment to the professionalizing of Arabic language teaching in the West are evident from his introductory comments concerning the method to be adopted in teaching the materials in the book. These comments are based on a long and rich career, as well as on a deep appreciation of the importance of culture in language teaching and learning and the importance of productive and sustained interaction between the teacher and the learners."
    —Yasir Suleiman, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

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