Edward J. Burger, Jr., Editor
A wide-ranging interdisciplinary look at hazards and how we think about them


Praise / Awards

  • "This is a timely and illuminating series of perspectives by noted authorities on risks to human health and the environment; and on the ways evolving attitudes toward such risks have shaped American behavioral, political, and legal approaches for coping with them. The book addresses a subject of widespread concern and hence should be of interest to an unusually broad readership."
    —Arthur C. Upton, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Environmental Medicine, New York University School of Medicine
  • "In earlier times, humanity looked to divine sources for guidance as it encountered the inevitable risks associated with life. At best it hoped for compensation in the hereafter when mischances occurred. Today, in advanced societies, citizens look increasingly to the regulatory and legal systems for protection and compensation. This fascinating, multi-authored volume provides valuable insight into the evolution course of the process."
    —Frederick Seitz, Past President, National Academy of Sciences
  • "A common theme running through this valuable book of essays is the complexity of the interactions between changing societal values and political cultures on the one hand and the objective conditions of risk as revealed by a growing scientific knowledge on the other. An important subtheme is that of American exceptionalism with respect to the legal and political management of risk, though many of the authors foresee convergence among countries as communications increase and the effects and perceptions of risk cross national boundaries to an ever growing extent. This excellent and varied collection of essays represents a uniquely illuminating exposition of the numerous facets, deeper cultural meanings, and evolution of the concept of risk in modern industrial societies."
    —Harvey Brooks, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • "The effect of these uncommon insights to the prevalent perceptions, confusions, and conflicts trailing the emergence of the 'risk' industry is to furnish us—advocates, rulemakers, and scientists--with reasons to pull up short, and think."
    —William D. Carey, Former Executive Officer, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • "Ed Burger has written a thoughtful, responsible treatment of a difficult subject. This is must reading for anyone interested in the field."
    —William D. Ruckelshaus, Chairman, Browning-Ferris Industries

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